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Birdland Creations
Welcome to the official website of Birdland Creations. I am Steven Weber Jr., also known to many as Birdman. This website features the versatility of my artistic vision, and how I like to express it with multiple mediums such as graphite pencil, colored pencil, oil paint, burning tools, wood, glass, and crystals. I continue to pursue new ideas in art through the daily inspirations that come into my life. My art features many styles within a colorful, moving, and meaningful feel. If you are interested in any original pieces, prints of the drawings and paintings of mine, or your very own custom creation, you can contact me at the following:

303.378.2355 or birdman2320@yahoo.com

I can't wait to start working on a project for you!

Steve Weber
Denver CO  US
Phone: 303.378.2355


Profile Link: http://www.ArtFolios.org/BirdlandCreations

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