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Earth ART
Born in a freak blizzard on February 1947 and raised in a suburb of London, England. My late husband and I emigrated to Arizona in 1996 one year after an amazing six month backpacking trip across the United States, which is where I first set eyes on this beautiful state. My husband and I had a dream; to live and work in the United States. Following a series of catastrophic events culminating in April 1998, when my husband passed away after 30 years of marriage. Soon after his death I moved down here to Rimrock, onto the property we bought together. During the few months following that I spent most of my time in reflection seeking Spiritual guidance. (I feel particularly close Spiritually to the Native American culture and their ceremonies). I began making beaded jewelery several years ago and attended many art shows in and around Arizona. I have always loved to paint and decided to return to it after a fifteen year break. I made a decision to study as much as I could from other artist friends but at the same time do my own thing. As has been laughingly said to me a few times, if Mother Moses could do it, so could I!! My work consists of Native American Symbology, landscapes and seascapes preferring to depict the natural world rather than humankind with all its frailties. I am unorthodox having had no art education, but who cares, I certainly don't. I just love to paint. My medium is acrylics although I am open to other mediums having recently entered the realm of mixed media and assemblage. Fun stuff. My Mission To continue growing spiritually and artistically. Recent Shows/Exhibits Art shows in Sedona, Prescott, Flagstaff. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT ME, I WILL BE HAPPY TO SUPPLY THEM.

Linda Slasberg
2465 E. Dairy Rd
Rimrock 86335 AZ 86335 US
Phone: 928 567 3972


Profile Link: http://www.ArtFolios.org/EarthART

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