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Works in Wood

Works in Wood

Posted by Jason Hufner on 1/13/2015
Recently, I have been working with wood. I haven't worked with it before, but the few pieces I have made I found to be both fun and useful.

Coffee Table
Reclaimed wood top from an old work bench, cut to size sanded and sealed with a wipe-on poly. Mortise and tenon Pine legs with dark stain and wipe-on poly coat.
1024 x 768 px  (1309 KB)
Shoe Rack
Made out of Pine, Detailed cut and dark stain.
1024 x 768 px  (1049 KB)
Wood carving, using chisels, jig saw and hand saw, stained medium.
1024 x 724 px  (535 KB)

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Jason Hufner
Working from the unconscious, allows the paint and canvas to be in control. I do not permit an idea to get in the way of a painting developing organically.

I work with brushes, palette knives, my fingers or draw with the tube of paint. I do not work with an easel, rather working on the floor, sitting or standing over the canvas. I believe that I can get a better view of the painting, working this way. I understand other artist work this way, for the same reasons.

My paintings should be open to many interpretations, while looking at the painting I want to viewer to see multiple images. I think giving the a title would force the viewer to look for a particular image.

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