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CARRIE FISHER ( 1956 - 2016 )

CARRIE FISHER ( 1956 - 2016 )
800 x 1000 px  (221 KB)

 Artist:   Daniel Cayuela  Contact Artist 
Dear friends I was born in Barcelona in 1974, I work as an industrial designer, and one of my hobbies is digital illustration. I've always been mad about pin ups, from the elegant ladies that flew through skies on bomber fuselages in Second World War, to current illustrator's provocative creations. You only have to take a look to this gallery to realize that my references are artists like Olivia de Berardinis, Drew Posada, Ricky Carralero, Boris Vallejo and, of course, Hajime Sorayama, undoubtedly the great master in this field. This work wants to be a way to introduce my ''daughters''. It shows illustrations made between 2002 to the present, all they are all totally digital pictures. They're not 3D computer generated images, but genuine illustrations executed by means of a graphics tablet, similar to a blackboard, which ''transfers'' the strokes into the drawing software. Enjoy gazing at my babies!


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