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Larry Willis
Larry Willis is an artist who’s work spans nearly three decades and has been exhibited at Galleries and art centers from California to Maine. In the 1980’s he was an emerging artist in Phoenix, Arizona. In New Times he was listed as one of three artists who’s work showed “Consistent Promise” and the Phoenix Gazette referred to his work as “thought provoking”. More recently Luci Scott of The Arizona Republic called him a ”multidimensional painter”. In the 1990 he ventured into various stiles and subject mater, for the most part only showing when asked to. He became as he calls it “a submerging artist” An interest in history led him to do illustration work for True West and Wild West Magazines. As the illustration work for these publications became more spars after the turn of the century, Willis began re-emerge to create canvases of his own design, carrying over the old west figures but giving them a pop twist. For his most recent paintings Willis found inspiration in visits to Europe, especially the artistic people who have lived and worked in Paris in the past.


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