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Michelle Bush
My philosophy is that there is a bit of the artist in everyone and that the process of creating is a wonderful way to keep one's sanity - it works for me anyway. While each digital painting begins life as one of my original photos the process to alter it is labor-intensive (in other words, it's not a photo ran through a simple Photoshop filter) and my offerings on Zazzle represents several years worth of work. In any case, a computer can't replicate an artist's eye for color and composition; those still have to come from the same place as with any artist. For me, my camera and computer are just tools, like a brush or pen. Each digital painting begins life as one of my original photos taken with an old Pentax K1000 film 35mm SLR. The final product looks much more painterly than like a photograph with highly saturated colors. I have been a graphic designer for close to thirty years, have been painting watercolors for over twenty-five and taking pictures since I was a child. My digital art is a fusion of my love for photography and watercolor and I strive to capture the essence of both.


Profile Link: http://www.ArtFolios.org/MichelleBush

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