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I bring a unique photographic view creating a mix of images from different times and places I've been to, memories of people I've met. It is a complicated knot of layers of pattern, color, form. The themes usually carry dark, abusive tones. The violent nature of images disturbs the mind but attracts the eye with its powerful composition and intricate web of textures. My work is a mix of abstract emotions and visual reality.

Black, white and shades of gray took over my art and photography for the first year of their existence. I wanted to see a clear image, it's shape and form without being distracted on bright colors. It was easier for me to enjoy the simplicity of lines, the relationships between the light and the shadows: the constant struggle of white and black created razor sharp edges and a very tense atmosphere throughout the image and in places surrendering to each other giving birth to an endless mass of gray.
Later on i introduced red color into my photography. I used the dark side of red. It's violent characteristics, it's ability to shock. Color of blood and fear, it brought another dimension to the global feeling of unsettledness and a lot of times disgust in the viewers mind. I realized that any color i chose to use could come out with its evil side helping me create a visual explosion within the image.
I try to work on series of pictures. My main themes are people, structures, landscapes or a lot of times a mix of everything. I love wondering around abandoned buildings, structures forgotten by everything, but time. Here starts one of my biggest obsessions: textures. I love to study the close-ups of decay, rust, rot, peeling paint and mold. They create amazing and most elaborate patterns, full of edgy poisonous colors and weird textures. I want to show people the beauty of broken and forgotten, my fascination with the slow destruction of man made structures and machines. My images is just another reminder of how waist full and destructive the human nature is.
Another infinite source of textures is nature. Any organic forms, puzzles of stones, labyrinths of cracks in the ground, twists and knots of trees and roots, leaves and grass.
For the first year i used myself as a model for all of my studies of human body. I created multiple series of self portraits, fragments and close-ups of skin. In the beginning I used various materials like rope, gauze, glass, nails, wires, paint, flour and eggs to create unusual textures within skin. Later i started working with my friends and at the same time introduced the textures of abandoned buildings and nature into my work with portrait, which allowed me to form a new vision of flesh, decomposing and deformed, sick, distorted, dismembered.
My portraits are echoes of human disorders of body and perversions of mind, their aggressive and sadistic nature, which usually reflects in the names i choose for my works.
I manipulate the reality that i capture with my camera, using photo shop to collage different images, melting them together into a surreal fantasy.

Tasha Kuzmenko
Philadelphia PA 19139 us

Profile Link: http://www.ArtFolios.org/Tasha

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